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This section provides links to other documents, articles, and information on the Internet that are relevent to our mission of developing standards for online healthcare communications and data exchange. Check back regularly for new listings, and if you find a site that others should know about, please e-mail us with the address.

Federal Regulations

Interested in Kennedy/Kassebaum — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996?
Here are a couple of federal government Web sites that may prove helpful:


Web Sites of General Interest

  • The Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) is a not-for-profit organization that supports the development and use of electronic data interchange standards in electronic commerce.
  • VISCorp provides strategic business planning and systems integration support services.

Case Studies

The CARENet Business Case, December 3, 1997. The business case for full implementation of CARENet, a closed-end Intranet designed to provide medical centers and PCPs with a management tool for obtaining real time information about their payer or plan member’s eligibility, claim status, and medical history. (Executive summary and full text download.)

Related Resource Washington Health Information Industry – Educational Council (WHIIEC)

CHITA is proud to promote educational and training programs in health IT open to Washington Residents
The Washington Health IT Educational Resource Inventory lists postsecondary education and training programs at a variety of levels from post-12th grade through post-doctoral, with information on location, cost, program duration, prerequisites and the types of jobs for which the program prepares the student. Most importantly it includes contact information for getting more detail about each program. The inventory is developed and maintained by the Washington Health Information Industry-Education Council (WHIIEC), a group of educational institutions and associations representing health IT employers.
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