Co-founder of two cryptomaps offers help to Donald Trump

Mathematician offered to deploy blockchain technology for the electoral process to help the immutability, transparency and speed of the process.

The next US presidential election will take place next Tuesday,(3) however, the time for counting votes should take more than a week, as voting is done on paper ballots. Acting President Donald Trump has made a criticism of this, and the co-founder of Ethereum and Cardado, Charles Hoskinson, has offered to help resolve the situation.

The election in the United States takes weeks before the votes are counted, and on no occasion did it end on election day.

Trump spoke of the fact that the election would not be held in a single day. Speaking also about the importance of the next election, the president said that this will be the most important election in US history, adding that it should therefore end in one day.

„The election should end on November 3, not weeks later! This is the most important election in our lives“.

Donald Trump criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for passing a decree allowing an extension of the six-day deadline for receiving ballots.

This created mixed reactions in the country. While some people supported Trump, others criticized the president, saying it was a false claim.

Charles responded to President Trump by offering to help him. The mathematician said he could solve the problem if he got a call at any time.

„Hey, Don, I can fix this for you. Call me anytime,“ said the IOHK CEO.

While Trump is concerned about the authenticity of the result extending over 6 days, Charles would be offering to deploy blockchain technology for the election process to help the immutability, transparency and speed of the process.

Charles Hoskinson is a mathematician, co-founder of Cardano and Bitcoin Fortune, which are two of the most popular cryptomorphs in the world.

Charles joined the Ethereum team (one of eight original founders) with Vitalik Buterin in late 2013 and left in June 2014. He devoted significant time to the project because he realized that „it was going to be great“. He left the Ethereum after a dispute over the acceptance of venture capital and the need for a more formal governance structure in the network.

After his departure from Ethereum, he was approached by former colleague, Jeremy Wood, to form a new project called IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), an engineering and research company that builds crypto and blockchains. IOHK’s flagship project is the Cardano (cryptomede platform), a public blockchain and smart procurement platform that hosts the ADA cryptomede.