I recently read about a recommendation in Jimmy Song’s newsletter on The Digital Rush. A Bitcoin Dokumentary, which I would like to recommend here.

The makers of this documentary do not follow the what-is-it-all-this-Bitcoin for beginners approach, as we have seen enough of it already, but have a refreshing approach.

Doers instead of representatives
Instead of talking to the usual suspects and colourful dogs, i.e. sufficiently well-known investors, advocates and masterminds, in this documentary they let many of those who have not yet been the first to be associated with Bitcoin in public perception have their say. However, they are entitled to do so because they are the ones who have been working on the implementation of Bitcoin for years and sometimes decades and have helped shape the Bitcoin ecosystem.

A bit man-heavy, but still top in terms of content. The interview partners
The good half hour offers new Crypto Profit review and interesting insights into the history of Bitcoin.

From the film description:

„The documentary The Digital Rush is about interviewing key figures in the bitcoin ecosystem and documenting the community and its events. A proper representation of the bitcoin proposition will be provided: cypherpunk movement, technological choices, monetary impact and cultural relevance, etc. It will emphasize the emergence of bitcoin as digital gold.

Aimed at a non-technical audience, the documentary will explain bitcoin using the words of its community members; their advanced (often geeky) technical comments will be properly framed between plain informative segments providing a gradual educational path.

The progress of Bitcoin is also evident here
All in all a very worth seeing and demanding documentary also – or maybe even more so – for those who already know a little bit more about Bitcoin. It is easy to overlook the fact that a bit of courage to do less is more would have been good for the music here and there.

Which is also remarkable, as can be seen in the Bitcoin-erklär clip from many years ago: How professional, mature, profound, serious and serious today’s Bitcoin-erklär films (and thus also the perception of Bitcoin) have become.